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General Requirements for all CMU programs

It is important to provide all required documents so the Admissions Department can process your application for admission to the program. Please check the following list to make sure you have fulfilled everything required for your admission:
An IABP member in good standing. 

To study CMU programs, a prospective student must be an Associate Member of the IABP

Completed online application
Prospective students must submit an online application along with the proof of IABP membership. 
Possess an accredited Bachelor's degree or Master's degree
If your GPA is below than 2.50 scale, you must submit a petition requesting an exemption from requirement. The petition is included in the online application. The application allows you to provide a statement of exception or submit additional material that would document your ability to perform in an intensive academic environment.
Submit official educational certificates and transcripts
Applicants must submit certified/notarized educational documents. Additional fee may be charged if your qualifications require evaluation services
Resume or CV
All applicants are required to submit a latest updated resume or curriculum vitae detailing their professional experience.
Passport copy (photo page) or copy of National ID card
Prospective students must submit the required passport copy (photo page) or national ID card in color copy in the online application
Program Entry Requirements
Applicants must fulfil the entry requirements of the program applied. Please review the entry requirements for your program of choice in the Specific Entry Requirements section below.

Specific Entry Requirements

Bachelor Program
a) Be 18 years old or older and be a high school graduate 
b) Successfully completed General Education Requirements (Test) or equivalent assessment
c) International students must be able to provide proof of English proficiency
Master Program
a) Possess an accredited Bachelor's degree with minimum 2.5 GPA
b) Minimum 3 years of managerial working experience (MBA only)
Doctoral Program
a) Possess an accredited Master's degree with a minimum 2.8 GPA
b) Minimum 5 years of working experience in middle management level position
Credit Disclaimer
The transferability of hours of study or the award earned at CMU is at the complete discretion of an institution which you may seek to transfer. CMU programs are designed and offered for personal and professional development of IABP members only.