Meet your support at CMU

Our facilitators are here to assist you with industry knowledge and career experience to make your learning journey meaningful and relevant to your workplace.  
Dr. Alaric Naude - Director, Academics CMU
Dr. Alaric Naude
Module - Communications
(Ph.D. in Social Sciences - Universidad Central de Nicaragua UCN)
Huma Adnan
Module - Coaching & Mentoring
(M.A. in Coaching & Mentoring - Middlesex University Dubai)
Dr. Tamer Karam
Module - Entrepreneurship
(DBA in Entrepreneurship - Nottingham Trent University, U.K.)
Michael S
Module - Accounting
(Accounting - STIE Santa Ursula, Indonesia)
Sue Young Song
Module - 
Business Consulting Project
(MBA - London Metropolitan University, U.K.)
Dr. Rommel Maglaya
Module - Marketing
(Ed.D. in Education Management - Polytechnic University of the Philippines)
Dr. Kwanjira Kaewfak
DBA Program Supervisor
(Ph.D. in Knowledge Science - Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Ranvir Singhsachakul
Module - Strategy & 
Business Psychology
(MS, Business Psychology & Management - CBS International Business School, Germany)
Mercedes Barrachina
Module - 
Data Analytics Fundamentals
(MSc in Telecommunications Engineering - German Aerospace Center, Germany)