Jatin Anand DBA 2021 is part of a research cohort that includes professionalism. Here is what drew him in selecting California Metropolitan University for his DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

United Kingdom is a melting point of cultures and backgrounds and I am a great representation of that. I grew up in a conservative academic household where education was highly valued. I owe my desire to achieve and learn to my parents. J Anand

After his MBA he entered into the corporate sector with roles in investment banking &possesses 16 years of rich experience in the European Banking sector as an Analyst and has worked in extensive project management roles in London, Birmingham, Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Europe. He has acquired skills & competencies working in senior positions with global organisations like Royal Bank of Scotland(London) & ING Group (Amsterdam)

Mr Anand holds Professional Chartered Banker Certification (CCIBS) from Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland along with CeMAP from London Institute of Banking & Finance (LIBF.ac.uk)

He possesses an MBA in Finance & strategy and has worked in the domain of Business Architecture Development for few businesses in France, Germany, US & India. Coming from a financial & technology background he is quite fascinated with new technologies such as blockchains and is endowed with immense expertise to help companies grow and manage change proactively through its use.

He has ample capacity to forecast & along with his wisdom & knowledge he has helped businesses manage change better by developing focusing on skills like knowledge management and strategy development

His positions in consulting and banking have primarily been within Project Management and Process Improvement Consulting. Currently he leads Innovation Strategy for an edtech platform named Pedagog and is responsible for driving above-the-business education technology & strategic innovation portfolio working closely with Corporate Strategy, Finance & Branding.

jatin anand

He is also a director of a British Tech firm Techspeedy Ltd which is an enterprise Software solutions provider

To move onto shaping and refining himself further academically became his next goal as having over 16 years of experience in design technology and strategy and Development of Business Applications this was the right thing to do.

His Work- Life experiences was a perfect match for a Doctoral award (WLED) for which at California Metropolitan University work life experience degrees we have a very strict requirements to verify evidences of work and experiences along with verifying management associations of the candidates

Here is how he was honoured the Doctoral award !

Having spent years in understanding financial & technology models for businesses especially new corporations & start-ups, Mr. Anand has helped numerous entrepreneurs in accomplishing their innovative minds & dreams take shape by creating a contemporary & cutting-edge environment with the use of technology.

He has played key roles along with peers & entrepreneurs in developing innovative & tech savvy platforms by creating an architecture, designing prototypes & using mix of technologies & complete digital transformation in everchanging business landscape.

With the current projects in progress for digitising education using blockchains for educational data &in the platform has been great research level work and learning along with working with entrepreneurs, planning & putting it all in production of the overall development of digital strategy with finance & economics in its core along with managing its stakeholders.

 And for the effort in doing the above assignment along with his past wealth of academic and professional experiences we at CMU considered Mr Anand for the DBA in Technology & Innovation Management for which we are immensely pleased

 Thesis Title - Designing Complex Entrepreneurial Fintech Models

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