For TEFL International members worldwide, we are extending and deepening the global reach of CMU and its education activity through developing more partnerships with highly regarded institutions. CMU puts a strong emphasis on strengthening and expanding these relationships. Partnership types include student exchanges, customized training, and workshop abroad, research collaborations, as well as more comprehensive partnerships.

TEFL International Global Chapters

The chapters are the University's exclusively appointed representatives to assist current members from admission through graduation regardless of the mode of study. The chapter advises and offers program-related orientations, workshops, and other events to help international students to embark on and meaningfully complete their education at CMU.  
Region / Country
Five Bees Pty Ltd
Australia, New Zealand
Origin Asia Academy Sdn. Bhd. 
Southeast Asia

International Delivery Partners

Program Delivery Partners are learning sites in locations outside the main campus of CMU. Through our collaborative relationships with international delivery partner institutions, we are able to deliver CMU programs in various locations globally. As an institution with a vision to reach the unreachable and provide education without compromising our values, we offer range of models to deliver CMU programs. To know more, write to [email protected]
Partner Institution
Partner Type
Independent Studies of Science & Technology College
Country Specific Degree Programs

1. Counseling
2. Insurance Management
3. Shipping Management
Origin Academy
Business Degree Programs

1. MBA
2. DBA
United Arab Emirates
PhD Studies 
Business Degree Programs

1. MBA
2. DBA