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Jatin Anand DBA 2021 is part of a research cohort that includes professionalism. Here is what drew him in selecting California Metropolitan University for his DBA (Doctor of Business Administration)

United Kingdom is a melting point of cultures and backgrounds and I am a great representation of that. I grew up in a conservative academic household where education was highly valued. I owe my desire to achieve and learn to my parents. J Anand

After his MBA he entered into the corporate sector with roles in investment banking &possesses 16 years of rich experience in the European Banking sector as an Analyst and has worked in extensive project management roles in London, Birmingham, Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Europe. He has acquired skills & competencies working in senior positions with global organisations like Royal Bank of Scotland(London) & ING Group (Amsterdam)

Mr Anand holds Professional Chartered Banker Certification (CCIBS) from Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland along with CeMAP from London Institute of Banking & Finance (

He possesses an MBA in Finance & strategy and has worked in the domain of Business Architecture Development for few businesses in France, Germany, US & India. Coming from a financial & technology background he is quite fascinated with new technologies such as blockchains and is endowed with immense expertise to help companies grow and manage change proactively through its use.

He has ample capacity to forecast & along with his wisdom & knowledge he has helped businesses manage change better by developing focusing on skills like knowledge management and strategy development

His positions in consulting and banking have primarily been within Project Management and Process Improvement Consulting. Currently he leads Innovation Strategy for an edtech platform named Pedagog and is responsible for driving above-the-business education technology & strategic innovation portfolio working closely with Corporate Strategy, Finance & Branding.

He is also a director of a British Tech firm Techspeedy Ltd which is an enterprise Software solutions provider

To move onto shaping and refining himself further academically became his next goal as having over 16 years of experience in design technology and strategy and Development of Business Applications this was the right thing to do.

His Work- Life experiences was a perfect match for a Doctoral award (WLED) for which at California Metropolitan University work life experience degrees we have a very strict requirements to verify evidences of work and experiences along with verifying management associations of the candidates

Here is how he was honoured the Doctoral award !

Having spent years in understanding financial & technology models for businesses especially new corporations & start-ups, Mr. Anand has helped numerous entrepreneurs in accomplishing their innovative minds & dreams take shape by creating a contemporary & cutting-edge environment with the use of technology.

He has played key roles along with peers & entrepreneurs in developing innovative & tech savvy platforms by creating an architecture, designing prototypes & using mix of technologies & complete digital transformation in everchanging business landscape.

With the current projects in progress for digitising education using blockchains for educational data &in the platform has been great research level work and learning along with working with entrepreneurs, planning & putting it all in production of the overall development of digital strategy with finance & economics in its core along with managing its stakeholders.

 And for the effort in doing the above assignment along with his past wealth of academic and professional experiences we at CMU considered Mr Anand for the DBA in Technology & Innovation Management for which we are immensely pleased

 Thesis Title - Designing Complex Entrepreneurial Fintech Models

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For prospective corporate executives and scholars, a PhD in business management provides sufficient information. The educational prerequisites and economic advantages of attaining a final business degree are described in the following article. This also compares and contrasts the DBA, DBM, and Ph.D. programmes.

A post-graduate degree offered by such a school of business or management faculty at California Metropolitan University seems to be the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). DBA programmes are research-based, and applicants graduate only with the abilities they'll have to succeed in academic or corporate consultation.

Leading, communication, and decision-making are among the skills that business and management PhD schools teach. A master's degree in management consulting is also for people who desire to develop their careers and learn more. The university provides some of the best business and management degrees throughout the globe.

A median yearly salary of $135,900 is earned by business doctoral students. Many colleges and universities offer online DBA programmes, allowing learners to apply while receiving their certification. These learners can put their new talents to work immediately, and working extra can encourage them to stay out of debt.

DBA programmes are available at a number of colleges across the country. According to the programme, students generally complete the degree in 2.5-three years. The advantages of getting a PhD in business management are discussed in this report. Also, it contains information on typical course prerequisites and graduates' employment options.

To provide a functional awareness of what's going on in regional and international companies, corporate managers need to develop a lot more than they did previously. DBA programmes are quite good at providing participants with a big-picture perspective of the company even while demonstrating how to apply newly acquired knowledge.

Learners' career experience was the right combination for a Doctoral degree (WLED), where we have extremely severe standards at California Metropolitan University work-life experience credentials to validate proof of work and achievements, as well as validate managerial relationships of such applicants.

The award-winning programme emphasises the most up-to-date educational and occupational expertise in business areas. The major purpose of the three-year curriculum is to prepare DBA graduates to be effective scholars. DBA candidates acquire cutting-edge methods and concepts that might assist them in resolving organisational concerns raised by people who are in challenging situations.

Those online DBA programmes can be done totally online or even with only a small amount of on-campus attendance. Many of the programmes demand that you complete a substantial research study, usually a dissertation. In many of these programmes, close faculty mentorship is also a crucial component. Think about how much you can study full - time or part-time.

The top online doctoral programmes are ranked by Online Doctoral Programs. Accreditation, doctoral accreditation in learning and research, NSF recognition, and institutional affiliation with peer-reviewed academia are all factors in the ranking. The National Committee for Educational Statistics data is used to rank every degree.

In cohort studies, that also creates a positive environment where students advance through the programme. Students have a variety of specializations they can choose from, such as financial reporting, universal health care, information technology, and organizational strategy. California allows students to acquire towards this programme up to 15 college credits.

In 3 years, this 50-unit online doctorate will lead to a doctoral degree. Each 8 weeks, students can take each online class so they can advance rapidly through all the programmes. But if you possess work experience in management field and the status of your career is easily demonstrated then CMU’s WLED Committee Reviews Application and Accompanying Documents / Evidences Submitted by the Candidate within 48 Hours of the Review Process, and informs the candidate whether he/she Qualifies for the Degree he/she Applied for on the basis of work/ life experiences. Degrees are conferred with 4 weeks to a successful candidate after submission of application

Global Management and Morality, Analytics for Making Decisions, Applied Studies, and a Doctorate Success Laboratory are just a few of the classes given to students. Adult students will benefit from this curriculum, and learners can call out to support experts who seem to be accessible to help them succeed.

DBA programs are intended to supplement the knowledge gained through a master's degree in business management. "Experienced managers" with postgraduate degrees are often enrolled in DBA programmes. The DBA programme is designed to be more challenging than the MBA programme. Students in such a DBA degree are most usually currently employed in the business world and do not wish to teach full-time. The majority of Ph.D. students aspire to work as university teachers.

Although the majority of the content is delivered online, learners must visit campuses three times throughout each term. Through the online learning system, learners can also communicate with some other learners.

Throughout the three-year duration of this programme, the dissertation procedure is incorporated. Areas of specialization in development in Health Care Management, Human Resource Innovations, Good Leadership and Entrepreneurship, and Commercial Innovations are available to students. Participants should be ready to hold administrative and organizational knowledge, as well as consulting leadership roles, after graduation.

Degree programs allow students to tailor the degree to their specific interests. The institution collaborates with over 230 communities and technology colleges across the country to offer multiple online offerings. These collaborations aid in increasing academic performance and providing better service to local areas.

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MBA (Masters in Business Administration) is one of the most in-demand degrees of the twenty-first century, all thanks to the future career scopes it provides to its graduates. But while getting this degree makes you feel overwhelmed or intriguing, there is no use in taking this course if it is not from one of the best colleges there are. This is because colleges have different evaluation processes of students and different teaching methods.

What that means is having a college that does not allow proper internships, work field introduction, or in-demand knowledge is of no use as a college for an MBA aspirant. As the real field working of an MBA graduate includes either creating a startup and providing job opportunities to joining a startup and increasing its working boundaries and creating a better workflow. Due to this, getting into a college that does not provide the proper collaboration with the top companies or firms, or doesn’t teach the required skills for the field is no less than a waste of hard-earned money.

Points to Look Out for while choosing a college:

To prevent any of the wastage of time and money as stated in the above paragraph, there are some points that you should look out for while choosing a website, which are:

  •  Online Portal of the University: Once a non-existential part of finding a college is one of the most important ones now. This is a must-to-do when searching about a college as having a proper and legitimate website is a part of being a good college. Along with this, you can also find the answers to all your questions in the Q&A section where there are answers made by the students who are currently going through the experience of that particular college.
  • Making sure that there is a placement year: In degrees like MBA, there is none of its sole degree value unless the student has work experience along with it. That’s why, when searching for a college, make sure to check out if the college provides the placement in the final year or not. Taking time off to work as an intern after passing the college would prove only to be a waste of time that could have been saved if the internship would have been done in the final year of the college.
  • Content of the Course material: This is one of the things that vary from the goals of person to person. Checking out the course material for the degree that you’re applying for is a must as there can be many differences in your goals and the knowledge that the course content is providing you.
  • Admission requirements: This is an obvious one but, is also a very important one. This is one of the basic things that anyone should check out before preparing for any evaluations themselves, as neglecting the conditions that are stated in this part can make all the efforts that you put in preparation go in vain.

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This tutorial explains how primary global ratings function and how you may have used them to help you decide whether or not to pursue a master's degree. It also demonstrates how quickly the student bar will run out of paper when you finish your dissertation. California State University is the top-ranked masters’ degree school in the country. Some ratings include metrics that are unique to Master (and PhD) candidates. Several of the top universities in the country are top-ranked universities.

World-class institutions, world-famous landscapes, and interesting cities can all be found in California. From 2003 until 2011, the country was even led by a super model, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Because of its gold mining past and beautiful hills, California is often regarded as the "golden state."

Stanford University seems to be the second most successful university in the country as well as the United States. Caltech, the Californian Institute of Technology, is rated fourth in the US. Silicon Valley is located in California, and it is home to many of the world's largest and most inventive enterprises. Stanford is situated in Silicon Valley, the country's northernmost part.

California has been one of the major high-technology innovative technology centres worldwide. California has one of the most wonderfully diverse natural landscapes in the United States. The state is often known for its efforts in the area of ecosystem and preservation. California has been one of the best student towns on the globe, with both the Top 100 for learners in L.a. and in San Diego.

For business university graduates, the MBA is perhaps the most preferred master's degree. Some students who pursue a Doctorate degree in Business management (MiM) as such an alternate. MiM programmes are quicker and more focused on the ins and outs of organizational leaders and managers. A specialized postgraduate certificate in leaders and managers is offered by fewer than 20 California universities. Professionals can progress into potential management positions faster with these shortened programmes. For potential candidates, proximity, placement, emphasis, certification, and status are all key considerations. In-state inhabitants benefit from lower admission standards at some colleges and universities.

This list is intended to help you identify the best Masters degree in Management programmes in California. The six main categories have been used to evaluate programmes: accreditation, brand awareness, law school qualifications, and other criteria. The US Dept of Education recognizes 6 national accreditation organisations, and each masters degree programme on this table is recognized by another one of them. The IACBE, ACBSP, and AACSB gave each programme a score based on whether it received the following business certifications.

Each programme was determined based on the master’s degree platform's expected total basic tuition. Inside this list, the cheapest tuition was $17,670. The maximum price was $125,336 and the median was $48,676. Students may combine this information only with expected tuition costs to get a more accurate view of the return on investment. The Princeton Review and US News and Global Report provided the data. The highest reported early-career income utilized in the list is $86,800. For this rating, all information was analyzed, weighted equally, and afterwards aggregated. The schools are evaluated using the US News Industry Study's Top Graduate School Rankings as a criterion.

The MicroMasters programmes are a collection of postgraduate programmes aimed at helping you develop on the job. Candidates can access universities that grant credit for those MicroMasters certifications and, when approved, can continue an expedited Master's degree with such a financial reduction.

The majority of graduate students attend university outside of their home state. Learners, who live in that area, wherever a brick-and-mortar institution is located, pay less in tuition at most universities and colleges. When an online student's current residency is also in that country, they can pay in-state tuition. The University of California is amongst the most prominent master's degree departments in the country. Distinctive graduate programs and concentration possibilities, athletic programs, and well-known counselling and guidance facilities are all available at the institution. It does have some of the county's lowest admission standards.

Dr. Kaitlyn O'Neill, an associate professor in the Department of Maryland, says, "I am still in personal practice and don't consider our online degree any different than I might have thought about it if it was a brick-and-mortar institution." All prospective people should think about enrolling in an online master's degree programme. Before selecting a college, examine the tuition fees, accommodation, and university fees. While picking which institution to attend, take into account student results, such as average wages. The proximity of the new residence as well as the location of the university could be a factor in the selection. Some students love the flexibility of a self-paced programme and are excited about the possibility of finishing their career sooner than expected. Total costs are primarily the main factor in the choice between middle and high schools with most learners.

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The best universities and colleges on the globe are ranked by the National Institutional Ranking framework. Again, for the fourth consecutive month, the University of Oxford has taken the top spot in the ratings. According to the National Institutional Ranking framework, the UK accounts for about a quarter of the top 200 universities in the world. The following are amongst the most significant rating criteria:

  1. teaching atmosphere at a higher education institution
  2. studies and impact at the university
  3. internationality
  4. the earnings of the business

The University of California (UC) is a public land-grant academic public education system in California, United States. It was established in 1868 and now has ten campuses with a total student population of 285,862 students, 24,400 academic staff, 143,200 employees, and over 2.0 million surviving % of their college class, and two-thirds of the students qualified in the highest 10%.

There are no law schools, medical schools, business schools, or divinity schools in California. It has purposefully developed into such a huge, research-driven research organization, rather than developing professional programmes. They have taken sufficient opportunity to build 18.2 billion dollars in funds from approximately three centuries of tradition.

The California Technology Review has now been undertaking development patterns in economic research as well as other associated industries since 1899, rendering its articles vital to understanding the recommendations for future development.

Every year, California produces more PhD's than any other organization in the United States. Every year, 52% of senior citizens support their lecturers. More than 42,000 learners give their more than 350 graduation programmes and attract students from over 100 countries. The college is funded by over $5.3 billion. Students can choose between 500 degree programmes in over 100 different fields. The university has a £392 million foundation as well as a state income of £905.8 million.

California Metropolitan University and its higher education system is transforming everything into a global centre for academic exploration. Hotel management, labour relations, and clinical psychology were among the earliest institutions established at the university. In biotechnology, microbiology, genetics, and high-performance computing, these have established a number of multidisciplinary research organizations.

California's history and culture are inextricably linked to the University of California. Half of the students in the 2017 batch are black, Hispanics, Asians, or American Indian. There are about 200 international centers and departments at the university. It covers 994 acres and also has 357 residences. The first community college to emphasise teaching and learning process togetherness in California Higher education institutions.

California Metropolitan University and its higher education system's 190 specialties, which include literature, disciplines such as sociology, social science, arithmetic, healthcare, and food science, make this one of the best universities in the country.

A Nobel Prize winner and many MacArthur Scholarship and Leadership Role winners are among the 3,400 full-time academic members at the University of California. The school's endowment of $10.456 million allows it to spend upwards of $500 million on study each year.

More federal education grants are awarded to higher education institutions as a whole than to any other institution. Its staff includes 51 fellows of the California Academy of Arts and Sciences as well as 61 members of the National Institutes of Health. Its department includes four Nobel Prize winners.

California University seems to have an enviable reputation, comparable to only the state of California. In its incoming class, there are 87 different foreign countries and 48 different states present. Learners have a 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio and, therefore, can pick from over 230 fields of research.

It relies on empirical document analysis throughout the Web. & have established a ranking. Even though it is completely dependent on the "footprints" of notable academics and policymakers, mostly on the web, the rating is impervious to cheating. If you're living and well but not influential online, you're never powerful at all. This list is solely based on data collected from the internet. As indicated by their international reputation and also their inclusion in other ratings, all of the colleges inside the rankings certainly deserve to be included.

Caltech dips from its typical place amongst the top 15 to number 38 on our list. Harvard has always been in the lead, but the University of Chicago is in third position (it is often rated at about position 10) and the University of Chicago is now in third position (it is often rated at approximately position 10). The ranking system additionally provides some interesting new information.

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Kumaresan V Balasubramanian
Managing Director

Kumaresan V Balasubramanian Managing Director Mapletree Academy Sdn Bhd (1363819-K)
No.10-06, Kenwingston Square Garden
Persiaran Bestari Cyber 9
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Degrees Available

Master of Business Administration 

Master of Counseling - MCoun

Doctor of Business Administration - DBA

Master of Science in Management  & Leadership - MSML

Doctor of Management - DM

Doctor of Strategic Leadership -DSL

Awarding Body

California Metropolitan University (CMU), CA, USA, sponsored by the International Alliance of
Business Professionals (IABP), USA.


4 weeks (without legalization of degree document)
16 weeks (with legalization of degree document)
World’s First
Most Affordable
Fast Track
Internationally Recognized

WLED Requirements

If possess Recognized Bachelor Degree
If possess Recognized Master Degree
If possess NO previous degrees / qualification
At least 6 years of working experience in management field
At least 18 years of working experience in management field
At least 6 years of working experience in management field
At least 18 years of working experience in psychology /counseling field
At least 15 years of working experience in management field
At least 9 years of working experience in management field
At least 27 years of working experience in management field

** Verifiable evidences of corresponding work / life experiences must be submitted along with the application for a said Work / Life Experience Degree (WLED)

Application Procedure


Candidate Submits 
Application at


CMU’s WLED Committee Reviews Application and Accompanying Documents / Evidences Submitted by the Candidate


Candidate Contacted within 48 Hours of the Review Process, and Informed whether he/she Qualifies for the Degree he/she Applied for


Successful / Qualified Candidate is sent a Payment Request (via PayPal) to his/her email address and is Required to Settle WLED Fee within 48 Hours


Once WLED Fee Payment is Confirmed, the Degree shall be Conferred on the Successful Candidate. Soft Copy of the Degree would be Sent to the Candidate via email, followed by Hard Copy, sent to the Candidate’s Postal Address within 4 Weeks time period


Candidates Requiring Legalization of Degree Document would be Required to wait for the Legalized Degree Document for 16 Weeks time period

CMU WLED documents are Legalized by the following bodies in the USA

1. Notary Public
2. California State Certification
3. United States Department of State
4. Candidate’s (Country) Embassy in the USA

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**Legalization Fee: Additional 1,200 USD per degree document

WLED Evaluation Committee:

Committee Chair
Prof. Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan
Associate Provost and Director Global Business Development
Committee Member
Roy Virgen
President & CEO

Committee Member
Armando Yepes
Executive Vice President, Chief
Technology Officer, and Legal Advisor
Committee Member
Dr. Michael Kahler
Provost & Chief Strategy Officer

Committee Member
Beau Berman
Former Emmy Award-winning
Reporter for CBS, FOX, ABC. CMU
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